“Do Whatever Makes You Feel Good”

Source: http://refinedside.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/f4fee40929ff27bfd378f605df0313e7.jpg

Sometimes I catch myself feeling guilty about blogging – I should be using every free moment I have (when I am not working) to study for my GMAT, right? (Ah yes, forgot to throw in that little detail about myself, haha). But, you know what? To hell with saying “should” – it is not about what you “should do,” but what you “want” to do, and what makes you feel good.

Blogging is cathartic for me; blogging lifts a huge load off of my chest, and actually makes me feel as though I am making an impact in the community by spreading awareness and maybe helping someone else in the same situation. So that’s the though of the day folks – “do whatever makes you feel good,” and I firmly believe that you will see things fall in to place. 🙂

Stay happy, stay positive!

Happy healing,

Girl Guilt-Free


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