How to Sit at Your Desk to Avoid Pain (INFOGRAPHIC)

I wanted to re-blog this wonderful post on preventing neck and back pain whilst working / studying.

I have been experiencing a stiff left shoulder, and some neck pain as a result of my long commutes in-flight, my work posture, and constantly studying at tables and on planes. I do yoga regularly, and got a massage yesterday. These things help, but I recommend you to consult a chiropractor for a diagnosis and natural corrective options (e.g. massage, exercises) if your pain persists.

Our health is rooted in our back, so don’t ignore your spinal health!

The Basic Life

James Cannon, the chair expert, created this comprehensive infographic illustrating the proper way to adjust your office chair to avoid fatigue and back pain. Getting the proper alignment is more complicated than you might think. Check your desk chair now and follow these steps to a pain-free and productive workday.

How to sit at your desk

How did you do? Share your experience below!

Visit the entire article at How To Adjust Your Office Chair | 6 Easy Steps | Comfy Office Chair | The Ultimate Guide to Best Office Chairs.

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2 thoughts on “How to Sit at Your Desk to Avoid Pain (INFOGRAPHIC)

  1. Miss Alkaline says:

    I’m so glad you found this helpful! I also travel often and spend far too much time at a desk. Nothing is worse for your back than sitting all day. I always wonder, with all the technological advances in the world, why can’t they invent a comfortable seat for airliners? Why are they made with the worst alignment possible? I guess I’ll save that for another blog post.

    I do yoga daily and get the occasional massage, but it’s still doesn’t eliminate the pain. I think I’ll take your advice and try a chiropractor. Thanks and I look forward to your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • girlguiltfree says:

      I’m looking forward to your next post on this topic, Miss Alkaline. 🙂
      I have my first appointment with the chiropractor today, so I hope it goes well. I will certainly blog about whether or not I found it to be helpful!


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