Nourishing My Soul – Bedtime Series!

I travel A LOT for work, which means that I pack a ton of snacks for me to graze on both during the day, and (most importantly) before bedtime.

I try to find a balance of comfort and nutrition, and focus on getting higher fat and whole carbohydrate snacks (low sugar) in before bed. Part of this is to do with the hormone healing process – I want to nourish my body while it’s resting and healing overnight. Here are some delicious bedtime snack ideas:

1. KIND Bars (<5g Sugar Series) – these delightful treats are packed with good fats, all-natural ingredients, and less than 5g of sugar without any compromise to taste. My two favorite flavors are Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond, and Caramel Almond Sea Salt, but I encourage you to try them all – they are delicious (though I must admit that I was not a fan of the Cashew Ginger flavor). Most of their bars average around 200 calories, but product-specific nutritional information can be found on their website.

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2. Kit’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut – I am obsessed with this brand! They literally taste like a brownie (I usually microwave them for 10 – 20 sec and eat them with black coffee or hot tea), but are made with organic dates, organic peanuts, organic unsweetened dark chocolate, sea salt, organic almonds. Dried fruit, like dates, not only boost estrogen but are also a delicious source of iron and magnesium, as is dark chocolate! I will say that this snack is high in sugar, but it is all-natural sugar from fruit, which is why I let it slide.

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3. Kashi GO LEAN Cereal – I LOVE this cereal with some steamed nonfat, almond, or cashew milk before bed. It has the perfect amount of sweetness (not too much), and the protein swigs are soy-based so you get a kick of phytoestrogens to support your hormones.

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4. Steel-Cut Oatmeal – Jamba’s oatmeal is my favorite, and they use soymilk so you get your phyestrogens in. I will say that it is pretty sweet though, so I usually just make my oatmeal in water, and top it with some delicious blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and almonds. I sometimes do walnuts and bananas as well, and add some ground flax seeds (again a good estrogen-boosting food), cinnamon, and nutmeg for a nutritious kick!

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5. Greek Yogurt with Steel Cut Oatmeal, Berries, and Almonds – this is a perfect treat for summer, and would be a delicious breakfast too. Here’s a recipe (and photo) I found on The Cottage Market’s blog. I typically cook 1/8 cup organic steel cut oats (usually I have some left over from breakfast, which I refrigerate), and a 5.3 oz (80-90 calories) pack of organic Greek yogurt, which I top with 1/4 cup berries (usually blueberries and blackberries), and 6-7 organic, raw almonds. This recipe calls for sweetener, but I find that the natural sweetness from the berries and yogurt suffice.


Let me know what you all think – do you have any other bed-time favorites?

Happy healing!

Lots of love,

Girl Guilt-Free


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