Ready, Set, Sweat!

If you’re new to this page – welcome! You can read through the About Me and Hypothamalic Amenorrhea pages on this blog to get some context for all of my posts.

Here was me previous exercise routine:

High-intensity exercise 5-7 days per week (yup, I didn’t think I needed a rest day), that comprised of a combination of the following:

– 1.5-hour boot camp

– Cardio Barre class

– CorePower Yoga Sculpt

– 21-Day-Fix Extreme (sometimes I would do two workouts a day, back-to-back

A huge part of why I pushed myself so hard was because I was scared that I would gain weight if I stopped working out. My choice to cut back on sleep, and social events was driven by fear and guilt. If I didn’t workout, I would feel guilty for days after.

I am now in the process of freeing myself from that guilt. When I started my recovery, about a month ago now, I didn’t exercise for about 3 weeks (I think I went on a long walk one day). I must admit, I started feeling sluggish, but all of the blogs I had read said ‘take a break’ and ‘do not exercise.’ However, to my surprise, my doctor said that I could exercise, but should limit it to 30-min / day, 3 days / week. My nutritionist / therapist, said that I could continue to exercise, just should not over do it (try not to exceed 3 days of rigorous exercise) and should not run at all.

Here is what I do now:

CorePower Yoga SculptMAXIMUM 3 days / week. This is a pretty rigorous class in a high heat and humidity environment. It incorporates weights in to the vinyasa yoga flow, with bursts of cardio. One conscious change I have made is to LISTEN to my body. I modify the cardio sections in particular, so that I am not pushing myself too hard. For example, I do high-knee steps instead of jumps in the cardio section.

Image Source:

– Free Yoga at lululemon: I think most (if not all) lululemon stores host free community yoga. They are not super challenging classes, but very relaxing. They are not heated, and certainly help me focus and de-stress (or so I tell myself).

Image Source:

I was so surprised that my nutritionist ‘allowed’ me to continue taking Yoga Sculpt, but it kind of makes sense if you think about it. The whole basis for healing my body is to make sure it comes out of this state of shock. Either extreme will prevent that from happening – extreme weight loss, exercise, or restrictive eating, OR extreme weight gain, lack of exercise, or over-eating. I am trying to find a happy medium, and hope that it will work. 🙂

Lots of love,

Girl Guilt-Free


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